Did You Notice Something Wrong With My Dinner?

In O Que significa, a motion picture by Andrzej Vitej, there is a little story told about some people who live in rented accommodation in Madrid. The landlord, being generous, allows the tenants to cook for themselves and eat out whenever they want. The problem with this arrangement is that one tenant begins to miss his meals. So one night, he goes out to the local cafeteria to eat but the place is closed and so he quits eating. Then the other tenant, who had been staying with him for quite some time, comes in, notices that the food is not as fresh as it was when he first got it and goes off to get a pizza that the restaurant is closed on a Sunday. When the owner comes to know of this, he threatens to send both tenants in for eviction.

When the owner informs the tenants that he will send them to the rehabilitation center if they do not stop making the bad food, they decide to do just that and cleanse. They start taking vegetable juices every day, eat fruits and juices, take laxatives which they find in the drugstore, follow a special diet regime, and even take a short course of colon cleansing enema. All this is combined with lots of exercise – running, jogging, hiking and swimming are common sports activities for the cleanse. The end result is that the two week diet that the two of them had started going through has completely failed and they have managed to stay off the program despite the fact that it had cost them almost half their salary.

The movie, O Que significa, might be a little far-fetched but it does offer an interesting lesson on how to cleanse your colon. It also offers an alternative to the popular gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding, lapband surgery, etc. Though it might be exaggerated, it is a lesson worth learning. The free download also has links to pages where you can find detailed information on how to live a life with constipation – the importance of fiber, the importance of water, the importance of proper hygiene, and how to prepare for a gastric bypass surgery. The movie is a little far-fetched, but it is entertaining to watch. яндекс