Composite cladding-Is it right for your wall?

When you consider installing wall panels for your exterior walls, I hope you can find all the information you need here takeoff services.

Installing wall cladding is adding one material to the exterior wall to provide protection. Mainly to improve the insulation performance and aesthetics of the building. The protective effect of the cladding is embodied in that it can protect the wall from the direct influence of environmental factors. Reduce the erosion and abrasion effect of rain or moisture on the wall.

In addition, it also plays a role in insulation. In addition to the protective function, the cladding can also play a decorative role, enhance the aesthetic effect, and increase the benefit of the building.

There are a variety of materials for exterior wall panels, including wood, metal, brick, vinyl, and composite materials, including aluminum, wood-plastic, cement, and recycled polystyrene blends, and wheat/straw fibers.

There are countless materials to choose from in the market, so when we choose, what important factors should we consider?

1. Durability and lifespan

Comparing various of exterior cladding materials, some materials have better performance and a longer service life than others, depending on the environment in which they are used.

Metal cladding is usually the most durable type of cladding, but not in corrosive environment. Stone is also durable, but it may crack in direct sunlight. Wood is least recommended in case of its relatively complicated maintenance. It requires regular repaint and repair to avoid premature and warping.

Be cautious of the lifespan of materials and choose the one, which lives up to your expectation.

2. Installation

When we refer to installation, there are two common ways to install. One is to cover the external wall directly, and the other is to insert insulating material between the wall panel and the external wall.

3. Appearance

A good exterior wall material can effectively supplement or enhance the appearance of a building. Before installation, carefully consider the effect after installation.

4. Maintenance

I believe that easy maintenance will be more attractive to anyone.

Why to choose Unifloor WPC Cladding?

Sustainable composite siding. It is made of 100% renewable energy, which satisfy the environment consideration in present time.

Quite durable. Long warranty for 15 years. There is no need to worry about cracking, twisting, bending, warping or rotting.

Multiple selections. Up to 8 kinds of natural colors and fashion decoration styles.

Easy to install without any professional installers or tools.

Simple hose flushing is enough to maintain clean.

Considerate protection with anti-slip grooves.

Guarantee certificate from Unifloor.