Buenos Aires The Gateway to the South of Chile

GIGA PNEU, also known as Gigapneus, is located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It’s name is taken from the “Gigapneus”, a Latin word which means to stretch. This giant tire shop is located at a very busy street in town, and many major highways come through this center of La Victoria, Mexico. Many people pass by the shop on their way to other destinations, so I figure, why not take a look inside and see if Gigapneus really works as promised?

The first stop on our tour was the commerce de la gran Plaza, located on the south side of the plaza across the street from the Giga Pneus store. On a trip back through history, we found that the town’s citizens built the Commerce de la Gran Plaza (right next to the modern-day Gigapneus) during the 15th century to service the gold mining efforts off the coast of Argentina. This grand structure still serves this purpose today. Inside the structure, one can see the stone carvings and the handcrafting work still going on. I enjoyed standing for a while and watching the workers build what seems to be hundreds of feet into the air, and to me, it was a very impressive sight.

Next, we made our way over to the city’s main plaza. This area was once the main square in the entire city, and is where the main commercial activity happens. Although some have suggested that the plaza was used as the starting point of the gondola route that transported travelers from the Gigapneus to the Spanish Main, it’s hard to say if that’s really the case. Regardless, one can take great delight in the beautiful plaza, and it was particularly nice walking around in the area and taking in the beautiful buildings and sights along the way. When we reached the end of the plaza, we were standing on what appeared to be the Vendettas, or stands for selling fruits and vegetables, but it turned out that we were wrong.

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