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When you’re looking to have a ton of fun and win some cash, there are a few options to choose from. I personally enjoy spending the small amount of downtime I have during the week having some fun on the BigFaFa online casino. Quickly becoming one of the fastest growing online casinos in Canada, BigFaFa immediately impressed me and all my friends with just how user-friendly and crisp their website and the sign-up process was. In fact, there are so many other online casinos that feel more like purchasing a vehicle than signing up to play games that I’d almost given up hope in finding a great place to play the games I enjoy. But that all changed when I stumbled across BigFaFa.

I had done a quick internet search for the top online casinos in Canada, and BigFaFa popped up immediately. I’m pretty well-versed in the online gaming world, so how had I not heard of them? Well, as soon as I entered their site I was blown away by the aesthetics and the clean and easy-to-understand nature of their user interface. I scrolled through their game offerings and saw hundreds of potential games to play, along with so many different sportsbook options that even include eSports! But what really sold it for me were the generous sign-up bonuses that they were promoting right on their homepage. I knew that I had to join thousands of others at right then and there. is All About Convenience

One of the biggest gripes I tend to hear about online casinos and sportsbooks is how tedious a process it can be to get the ball rolling. What I mean is that depositing cash can sometimes be a slog and then figuring out the logistics of making a bet or understanding a game that had initially looked fun but ends up too complicated can be a headache. There are several ways to deposit funds into your account on BigFaFa and that was one of the reasons I joined, too. Whether using PayPal, Crypto, Cash App, a debit card, or inputting bank information, there are so many ways that you can deposit funds.

The games not only were attractive, but they were easy to understand and had extremely detailed and simple to follow directions. That was an absolute non-negotiable for me because I never want to feel like I’m at a disadvantage for not fully understanding how a game I’m trying to play works. It’s difficult enough when you’re playing against a skilled person, but not understanding how to even begin can be catastrophic and deter someone from wanting to play at all. The creative team at BigFaFa definitely sensed this common frustration and made sure to feature games that are not only fun, but easy to play and understand.

If you really needed another reason to back up why now is a great time to join BigFaFa, listen up. When it comes to withdrawing money, which I definitely hope you get to do quite a bit, it couldn’t be more convenient. Similar to how there are a plethora of ways to deposit money, the same goes for withdrawing your winnings. First, please note that you will have two different balances available to view at all times. One is your actual balance while the other is your bonus balance. Your actual balance can be withdrawn at any time via any of the methods you used to deposit, and via check if you would like. Other sites take several days to process your request and mail your check, but BigFaFa has sent me my winnings in two short days via check, no questions asked. Your bonus balance stays within the BigFaFa site, meaning you can’t withdraw it but you’re more than welcome to continue building it and using it to keep playing and winning.

Thousands Join Each Day

Becoming one of the fastest-growing casinos in all of Canada is no easy feat. In fact, online casinos pop up on what feels like a daily basis. To that point, it can be difficult to know which ones to trust and which to be skeptical about, but for all the reasons I outlined above and so many others that I have not mentioned, BigFaFa is easily the best I have come across. Word is spreading quickly, too, and thousands of eager people are joining me and so many others each and every day and finding out exactly what I’ve mentioned to you above. I know that my free time is scarce, but whenever I do have some time to sit down and relax, the convenience I find gaming and betting with BigFaFa cannot be matched. Accepting users from across the globe being VPN compatible, and always putting us first have made the easiest online casino to join of 2022, and it’s not even close.