Best Tools to Remove Background from Image

Removing the background of a photo may become a hectic and time-consuming task if you are not using the proper tool to do it. This happens mostly for people who do not know much about photo editing. If you are dealing with such a type of problem then you don’t need to worry. We have described for you some best working background remover tools that you can use easily without putting in more effort. 

There are many reasons due to which you need a transparent background of your favourite photo. It may be a personal reason or a business-related reason. For instance, if you want to use pictures to paint a tool then removing the background will enhance the focus on the main content of the photo. There are a lot of options present in the digital market that you can use, some of them are paid, some are free, read the given article to know more about background remover tools. 

Background Remover tool of imgkits 

Imgkits provides all the necessary AI tools free online. It gives the fastest output and requires no input. The website works by using artificial intelligence so the user doesn’t need to put in a lot of effort to perform any task. It provides a colourizer, pictures to paint, a background Remover tool and many more. 

Background Remover tool of imgkits not only enables you to remove the background of a photo but you can also change it and place any other background. Even it allows you to add a picture instead of your old background. All you need to do is upload the picture and the rest will be handled by the tool. 


It supports almost all the formats of photos and you not only remove the background but also add any other new background. It is available in different forms as you can use its website version or its desktop application can be downloaded on your computer. For mobile phone users, it has different applications for different platforms. 

Leawo BG Remover tool 

It works as a professional eraser tool that is very easy to run. You can manually remove the background easily by using it so if you want to preserve some of the backgrounds or remove some part of the background then it works best. 

Along with the background Remover tool, it also provides access to many other tools related to the background such as editing background or changing background tools. After performing the task you can download the resulting photo in different formats such as TIFF, BMP, JPEG, etc. 

Adobe spark

It is a multipurpose tool as it provides many features such as you can remove background from photos quickly and then adding another background in place of it. You can add any shape or colour or even different types of scenes to the background of the photo. Along with background remover, it also provides many other elements such as different fonts, colours, shapes and images. 

Ending remarks 

There are many applications, software and online services that enable users to change or remove the background of their favourite photos. If you want to use an application or software then you can use the slazzer tool. And if you want to use a free online working tool then the background remover tool of imgkits is the best. It provides you results within seconds and you don’t need to be a professional photo editor to use it.