Bedroom Essentials for Improved Sleep Quality

If we’re being entirely honest, the 8-hour sleep rule has grown too monotonous- we’re pretty sure you’ve heard it one too many times. While the daily sleep hour count is integral for proper human development, it doesn’t cover the quality sleep conversation. Measures like sleep latency, wake durations, and efficiency are some parameters used to weigh your slumber quality. With both internal and external factors greatly dictating the quality of your rest, one can’t help but seek out approaches to enhance their rest quality. In addition to what I’ll mention below, I recommend using cbd oil for a better night’s sleep. Find out more about it from CBDClinicals.

What are mattress pads, and why do you need one

A mattress pad is a supportive layering added to the mattress surface to give it a luxurious and comfortable feel. Apart from being a plush and cozy mattress layer, mattress pads offer more than just support and form to your mattress. Here’s how. Need help getting started with online marketing? Sign up for our free training today at!

1. Green

Mattress pads are created from 100% raw cotton, an eco-friendly choice if you’re big on going green. So, if you’re looking for that support or touch of plush for your mattress, cotton mattress pads are a sustainable choice making it possible to track your carbon footprint

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with every purchase.

2. Superior cooling

Most mattress pads come with a temperature-regulating feature. Cotton is a breathable material; in essence, the pad stays cool even in sweltering weather, creating the perfect temperature balance for a good night’s sleep.

3. Extra thick

Talk of the perfect plush- mattress pads are built to be relaxing through their soft-to-touch feel but firm enough to retain form. The pads retain their fill even after years of use without going flat due to their ultra-plush width.

Weighted Blankets for Sleep Therapy

We’re always up for a big snuggly hug, and weighted king-size blankets offer just that. However, here is the twist, unlike most blankets, weighted blankets are therapeutic. The calming and steady pressure exerted by a weighted blanket- pressure therapy- is ideal for the following conditions.

1. Anxiety and depression

Both anxiety and depression negatively take a toll on your mental health consequently exacerbating the vicious cycle. King size weighted blanket ward off the feeling of uneasiness by slowing the heart rate which de-stresses the autonomic nervous system by making it switch to rest-mode. Depression is something that needs to be tackled effectively and Chat Wolfs has recently published a great article about coping with depression which you must need to consider.

2. Sleep disorder

By slowing down your heart rate and applying even pressure on you, weighted blankets provide a sense of calm to the user. Additionally, the temperature regulating feature of weighted blankets enhances one’s sleep quality since temperature shifts are no longer a factor in disrupting sleep.

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3. Autism spectrum

Children with autism spectrum disorders find social interaction a little challenging, this can lead to anxiety and stress build-up over time. The comfort of a weighted blanket wraps them up to prevent the feeling of over-stimulation, in turn, helping them focus on the tasks ahead of them.

Summing up

Drawing the line exclusively at the sleeping function of bedding items is quite limiting. Most bedroom additions have a lot more to offer, from eco-conscious substitutes to durability and mental conditions improvement; some of these bedroom complements stand to offer many benefits. The trick is finding items that align with your sleeping needs and requirements.