A wig may be used to achieve a very natural appearance.

There are two types of wigs: synthetic and natural. The synthetic ones are produced with hair extensions or natural hair and have a circular base connected with elastic bands. They all know what a wig is, but if you need to purchase one (either because your hair has gone down due to a medical diagnosis. such as chemotherapy to cure cancer or alopecia, or simply for aesthetic reasons). It is helpful to know the types of wigs in the industry and their qualities to choose the one that best suits your needs.

On the other hand, while purchasing a wig, you will have to choose the sort of hair that it is composed of:

wigs made from synthetic hair.

The fiber hair is used in constructing these wigs, which results in a less natural appearance and necessitates unique care treatments. As a side note, hair straighteners and dryers can’t be used since they don’t include heat-resistant fibers, such as those created by Jon Renau’s HD fiber (Heat Defiant) brand.

wigs made of natural hair

Human hair is used to make them, and they have a more realistic finish than synthetic ones. This wig has a longer lifespan and can be styled with dryers, irons, and curling irons, much like your own hair. human hair wigs produced from Remy’s hair are commonplace.


Several variables influence the longevity of a wig, including:

1-quality of hair

Wigs created from Korean fiber will endure longer than those made from Kanekalon or any other lower-quality synthetic yarn. Even if you decide to go with human hair, make sure it is virgin or Remy to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

2-The lace’s dimensions

The higher the lace, the lesser the durability. The most delicate aspect of the wig is the lace, which is knotted by hand, one thread at a time. When combing and washing, you lose some threads. The longer the wig’s lace, the less durable it is. However, if you choose a lace wig produced by trained and experienced specialists, the difference is negligible.


Wig strands fall off with time, as previously noted. As a result, a wig with a higher thread density, i.e., more individual threads, will last longer.

4-Use and care frequency

In the same way that the frequency of usage affects the wig to wear, so does the amount of time spent wearing the wig. Your battery life will decrease as you use it more often. Make sure you don’t sleep with your wig on, but if you must, tie it up or braid it a couple of times. Going to the beach or the swimming pool is also a good option.

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