8 Steps to Become a Commercial Business Lawyer

A commercial business lawyer is the one who is hired by a company to handle all the legal business matters and check for the compliance. You can find any commercial business lawyer East Windsor for your company. However, there are certain things you’ve got to do in case you are planning to become one. 

Following are the steps to become a commercial business lawyer:

  • Get Your Bachelor’s 

You need to earn a bachelor’s in related discipline majoring in subjects like business management, political science, legal studies, finance management, economics and government from a recognized university or college. At school, be involved in groups or extra-curricular activities that can support you in choosing law. 

  • Internship

You must explore this opportunity at local law agencies or clinics and government offices. This will help you get exposed to first hand learning. You get to meet professionals who have answers to your questions. They will guide you in your career, promote you towards your goal, support you through networking and refer a position to you in the future.

  • Law School

Intern and Graduation is not enough. You will need to apply for a law school that specializes in your chosen discipline. They may ask you to submit all the necessary relevant documents along with your degree to complete your joining formality.

  • Juris Doctor Degree

This is the degree that allows you to become an attorney. The courses include legal procedures, civil, criminal and administrative laws, taxation, torts, legal advocacy and communications and intellectual property. These courses are facilitated by experts from the same field and you can grill them with your questions.

  • Clear the Bar Exam

This exam is called as the American Bar Association exam. Topics include real property, constitutional law, sales and contracts, criminal procedure and law, evidence and torts. The qualification criteria differ from state to state. This exam is conducted to check your level of knowledge.

  • Get Your State License

After completing all your education at a stretch, you will need to get a license to practice your knowledge with your clients. Few formalities include fee payment, fingerprint, background verification and check and submitting the application. 

  • Meet Field Professionals

Merely adopting a lot of knowledge will not help you unless you meet people who actually are in this field. They share their personal experiences with you and help you to find a solution for your case. It is only with their guidance you can raise your bar. 

  • Make Your Resume`

Go ahead and display your resume` on different networking sites and companies to get the right type of job with your desired salary for you. You can the beat any commercial business lawyer East Windsor with your knowledge and experience.