8 Pieces You Need in Your Earring Closet 

Accessorizing with the right jewelry is just as important as picking out the right outfit. 

From a shiny solitaire ring to classic diamond earrings, there’s an endless range of jewelry styles and options. 

Just as staple clothing items make your wardrobe versatile, you can add a massive amount of versatility to your everyday styles with just a few staple jewelry pieces. 

Amongst the jewelry, earrings have these magical powers to brighten up any outfit or smile. They allow you to upgrade any outfit in a heartbeat, helping you look brilliant, chic, and stylish every day. 

Wondering what kind of jewelry is essential for a versatile and timeless earring closet? Read on to see our list of the top 8 must-have pieces for your earring closet.

1. Hoop Earrings 

A pair of versatile hoops in your earring closet ensures that even an informal jeans-and-T-shirt outfit can be taken up a notch with your jewelry. Hoop earrings frame your face while making a stylish statement without being over the top. Hoop earrings come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. 

For a more versatile and stunning look, pick a pair that is scaled to your features. The smaller, delicate hoops tend to be more flattering on delicate facial features. The larger, dramatic hoops tend to complement more vital facial features. 

2. Diamond Stud Earrings

Of all the types of earrings, diamond earrings make up some of the most classic and versatile. If you’re looking to add style or shine to a casual outfit or amplify a sophisticated black tie attire, then diamond stud earrings are your go-to! 

Looking for a new pair of diamond studs can be overwhelming due to the different styles and variations. Picking a diamond stud earring is similar to picking a diamond solitaire engagement ring. When picking a diamond stud earring, you must consider the diamond cut, precious metals, and setting style. 

All types of diamond stud earrings are classic, timeless, and versatile, but it’s important to pick a precious metal that matches your skin undertone. You may not be able to afford a 5-carat diamond stud earring immediately, but that is not a problem.You can always go for lab created diamonds which is affordable and classier in all means

3. Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are a great way to add glamor to your outfit. While growing your earring closet, there should be at least one piece that is deliberately reversed of your everyday studs.

These earrings go below the earlobes and are typically stationary. Sapphire, crystals, and ruby drop earrings are some of the all-time timeless pieces. 

4. Gold Chain for Layering 

A glinting little flicker of gold around your neck makes an outfit feel more put together and refined. Whether wearing a black cashmere sweater or a breezy dress, a gold chain adds sophistication to your appearance. 

To achieve the layering effect, pair chunkier, longer necklaces with shorter, more delicate chains to achieve the layering effect. You could also get a pendant with your initials. It could be your zodiac sign. A diamond pendant or a solitaire jewel pendant of your birthstone can be transfixed to your chain. 

5. Pearl Necklace 

There are only a few accessories more iconic than pearls. This accessory goes beyond time and has no regard for age. 

A basic strand of pearls can walk you through all the highest points of your life with elegance. Like the layering necklace, a strand of pearls can dress up a more informal look.

Smoothly go from day to night by switching to a little black dress; the distinction between black and white will make those pearls pop out and shine. Pearl studs are also a great plus to your earring closet. 

6. Gemstone Earrings

Mixing hues of gold and silver in jewelry is fun, and so also is mixing colorful stones. Gemstone earrings are a jewelry staple because they’re definitive, wearable, and exceptional and vibrant.

Owning a pair of gemstone earrings allows you to add a stunning, rich pop of color to any look. It will create an instant transformation into something a bit more unique and personalized. 

There are a lot of gemstones for you to decide from. But for the most versatile pair of earrings, it’s generally advisable to stick with one of the three classic gemstones: rubies, emeralds, or blue sapphires. These gemstones are all great buy options since they’re sure to stay in fashion no matter what the fads of any given year may be. 

Similar to when picking a solitaire wedding ring, ensure that the precious stone and base metal for your gemstone earrings are a perfect match against your skin. 

7. Dangles 

Dangles are identical to drop earrings. However, the major distinction is that drop earrings are normally static, whereas dangles are free to sway back and forth. Also, dangles come in various sizes, and the longer down they drop from the ear, the more prominent they can be.

There is a lot of room and the ability to create complex and intriguing designs. The dangling part of the earring can be anything you want. There are a lot of different available styles. Dangles create a timeless, classy look. They are most flattering when paired with an updo hairdo. 

8. Huggies 

Huggies are a variation of the hoop earring. Although, instead of looping down and around, they hug the ear, leaving tiny to no space underneath the earlobe. In other words, they still have a round shape but are a thicker and tinier version of the conventional hoop. 

In many ways, they might be likened to a ring you wear on your finger, but they will have a small wire piece or clip that attaches one end to the other. Huggies are known to make informal or casual outfits pop.


While packing your earring closet with versatile and timeless pieces, don’t forget to add a personal touch. It may take a while to achieve the earring closet of your dreams finally but make sure you start somewhere. Make sure your budget affect your dreams. To help you with your dream list, lab created diamonds can always be a good option.