5 reasons why interior design can’t be without a decorator!

Interior design is considered as one of the hearts of both public and private projects. Interior design is something that meets the use of space. And like an expression of identity, including the vision of the organization’s leaders reflected through the interior work. However, such work will be able to achieve the goals. It depends on the decorator or interior designer. Some applications help to design the house. You will find many applications online, but foyr neo is the best application for you.

What is a decorator? How important is it to interior design?

Interior Design is an interior designer. Responsible for design Planning and controlling the architectural works within the building. The decorator is a profession that specializes in interior work, especially both in art aesthetic details and structural design standards.

The importance of a decorator in interior design

As mentioned above, interior design is a work that requires science and art to create space. If there is a lack of specialists in the operation, such areas may not be as perfect as expected by employers. Therefore, the decorator plays a vital role in continuing the employer’s purpose according to the needs. The things that the decorator will play a role in the interior design work are as follows:

  • Interior design according to the requirements of the employer
  • Advice on interior design work.
  • Control of the interior design
  • Design the interior to be beautiful and create the most benefit.

Five reasons why interior design needs to be a “decorator.”

1. Beauty and functionality:

The heart of interior design is beauty and usability. It is a combination of science and art. These are the duties of the decorator to create through knowledge and understanding of art. The space arrangement until the design principle is by the standard of human proportions (Human Scale) results in the need for interior design work with a decorator to create a beautiful space and meet the work style.

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2. Specialization in interior design:

Interior design is a job that requires expertise. Due to a large number of details and elements, whole structure Selection of materials and colors to suit the space. Especially in areas that require expertise, such as conference rooms, all materials used are related to the efficiency of the room. The designer must consider the acoustic value, working with audio-visual systems until the organization’s identity. Therefore, the expertise of the decorator plays a vital role in the interior design of the meeting room.

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3. Standards of interior design:

The decorator is responsible for controlling the interior design to be by the standards. Having an interior designer is a must for all members, including interior designers, interior architects, academics, and interior design/architecture firms. Therefore, it is essential to build standards and confidence in the project.

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4. Design the area according to the requirements of the employer:

The decorator is responsible for contributing to the needs of the employer to the interior design work. Then the data is analyzed and presented a pattern. The nature of such work through the process of discussion scrutinize the concept and review the needs of the employer Make the design of the decorator meet the needs of the employer.

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5. The decorator has an understanding of space:

Understanding space is an essential aspect of interior design. When you want to design your floor, then you need floor plan software. If you understand the area, you will be able to push the potential of using the space to the fullest extent and be suitable for the space used. The decorator will analyze the data. And designed to respond to use completely; for example, most board room users are executives. Therefore, interior work, in addition to being used, Must reflect the vision of the management level because it is considered the face of the organization, etc.

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