3 Reasons Why Home Phones Are Still Useful

For many people, home phones can seem outdated and useless. In fact, most American households no longer have a home-based device. However, following this trend could cause you to lose some benefits. So, if you’d like to learn more, here are three reasons why home phones are still useful.

1. Security

Although home phones may seem like a thing of the past, the security involved with these devices can be very advanced. In fact, you may have more security on a home phone than a cell phone. One reason for this involves home security systems. Some of these systems may utilize your home phone. Also, important medical devices like heart monitors can be connected to that device. Another reason for this security is recent advancements. Options like VoIP security can greatly decrease the risk of hacking, which is extremely helpful in this day and age. Finally, home phones are usually connected to your current address. This makes it far easier for the police to reach you, especially if you’re away from home during a robbery.

2. Social Activity

Yes, cell phones allow for more privacy. However, home phones can create a social activity that brings households together. One major part of this is the shared responsibility of one phone. Unless you’re specifically asked to do so, you’re unlikely to pick up someone else’s cell phone when it rings. On the other hand, home phones require everyone to pitch in. If you’re waiting for an important call, you may even find yourselves competing to pick it up. Home phones can also allow for easier family calls. When you’re talking to someone for a long period of time, especially with the whole family there, you’ll probably want to have access to your cell phone once in a while. Home phones allow you to do this without interrupting the call.

3. Less Missed Calls

Missing a call is never fun, especially when it’s important. With a home phone, you can greatly decrease the number of calls missed. This is particularly helpful when you’re indisposed. If you’re in a meeting, walking the dog, or even in the hospital, you probably can’t take a call. Luckily, if that call goes to your home phone, someone else can pick it up instead. Home phones can also create better missed call reminders. It’s easy to forget to check your cell’s voicemail. Fortunately, your family can give you a reminder about voicemails on the home phone. 

Sure, cell phones provide privacy and individuality. However, home phones provide a sense of togetherness that’s lacking in the modern world. So, you may want to reconsider getting rid of your home phone.