Win Big With European Handicap: Effective 1×2 Handicap Hunting Skills

In the world of soccer select, European odds are always a hot spot attracting both new and veteran players. Simple and easy to understand, but winning big doesn’t just rely on luck. This article by New 88 will take you from the secrets behind European odds, to how to take control of the game in your hands.

Introduction to European handicaps

In the soccer select playground, European odds are not only the basic foundation but also the starting point for anyone who wants to enter the vast world of select.

Concept and origin

European handicap, or 1×2 handicap, is a form of select based on the final result of the match. Specifically, “1” represents the home team’s victory, “X” represents a draw, and “2” represents the away team’s victory.

From the earliest years of soccer select, 1×2 odds quickly became popular due to its ease of understanding. With the development of technology and the internet, this bet is becoming more and more accessible, thereby strengthening its position and becoming one of the most popular forms of soccer select.

How to read and understand European odds

To conquer European odds, the first thing to do is understand how to read odds:

  • 1 for the home team: If you believe in the strength of the home team, this is the choice for you. The odds will reflect the probability of this team winning based on the game portal assessment.
  • X for draw: A match with a draw result usually has higher odds due to difficulty in predicting. This option is suitable for matches between two teams of equal strength.
  • 2 for the away team: If you think that the away team has the ability to surprise, select on “2” will be your choice.

Illustrative example: Suppose in a match between team A (home team) and team B (away team), the odds listed are A (2.00) / Draw (3.50) / B (3.75). If you bet 100,000 VND on team A and they win, you will receive 200,000 VND.

select skills: the art of applying European odds

Once you have mastered how to read and understand European handicaps, the next step is to learn how to apply this knowledge effectively. Making the right choice not only depends on intuition but also requires understanding of the game and the ability to analyze information.

Choose Odds with intelligence, not just with emotions

. Analyze squad and performance: Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team is the first step. Consider their recent form, results of previous matches, and the state of their squad, including injuries or suspensions.

. Smart select Tip: Don’t just rely on the odds; Let’s dig deeper into the team you plan to bet on. Sometimes, a high odds can be a good opportunity, but it can also be a trap.

Tips for using information and data

. Powerful source of information: Exploit reputable football statistics sites, sports forums, and analysis by experts to have a comprehensive view of the match. Information is the select house’s most powerful weapon.

. Apply data to select decisions: Learning to read and analyze data not only helps you understand the match but also knows when to bet and when to patiently wait for better opportunities.

Compare European odds with the handicap system

Below is a clear analysis of the basic differences between European handicaps and Asian handicaps.

. Basic result selection: European handicap select offers three options: win, draw, lose (1, X, 2) based on the final result of the match. In contrast, Asian handicap focuses on eliminating the possibility of a draw by applying a handicap system, divided into categories such as Asian handicap (0, 0.5, 1, 1.5,Handicap 2 goals, 3 balls…), with the goal of creating a clear win or loss result, with no draws.

. Reflect the odds: The odds in 1×2 bets are often simpler and easier to understand. In contrast, the odds in Asian handicaps reflect the difference between teams through the handicap system, requiring players to have more insight and careful analysis.

Reasons why European odds are suitable for newbies:

. Easy to access and understand: Compared to other types of odds, 1×2 odds are considered the most accessible for beginners. The clarity of outcome selection coupled with the simple calculation of odds prevents new players from feeling overwhelmed by complex rules.

. Minimize risk: With a clear division between wins, draws and losses, players can easily make decisions based on analysis and prediction, thereby minimizing risks compared to other types of bets that require careful analysis. Deeper understanding like handicap.

Through comparison, we see that the 1×2 bet offers a simple but no less interesting approach to soccer select, especially for beginners. The clear distinction between European odds and other types of odds helps players have a more comprehensive view when choosing the select method that suits them.