Video Chat With MeUpainel

About meupainel is an internet video chatting (voice over internet protocol) software that allows the users to chat through their computers via the internet. By connecting a microphone and speakers, you can easily hear other people through the software. The most commonly used application of this software is the “Video Conferencing” application. Video Conferencing enables you to connect with other users of similar programs through the web. Video Conferencing may be used for long distance as well as short distance calling.

About meupainel (package name: com.playermeupainel) is an advanced computer voice communication software that allows the user to talk and hear his/her counterpart virtually. It also allows the user to control the video display through the keyboard. About Meupainel 2.1 has been recently upgraded on October 23, 2009. MeuPaintel is now in the category of Computer Software.

This is a high end video chat program that also allows multiple participants to communicate in real time. The software also lets the user change the video settings for others. The best part is that it can be used in a wide range of operating systems like Linux, MAC, and windows. You can also view your webcam or use it as a projector. It also provides a free tool, called MeUpainel Video Spectator, which will help you visualize the quality of your video.