The most reputable game portal that refunds lost bets today is New88

Nhà Cái New88 is one of themThe game portal refunds losing bets number one reputation and quality in today’s select market. This is considered a promotional program sought after by many gamers because the refund rate here is up to 3%, much higher than other game portals. Let’s learn more detailed information through the article below.

What is a game portal refunding lost bets?

Refund process tBet after loss is also known as save promotion. This is an offer that many gamers love. According to this program, when a player loses a bet, the player will receive part or all of the bet amount that the house had previously stipulated. In other words, even if you lose, you still have the opportunity to get back part of your bet without losing it all.

Form The game portal refunds losing bets Truly an attractive offer. Helps bring players a sense of security and excitement every time they bet. Because when they win, they can receive great rewards; On the contrary, when they lose, they still receive a fairly significant refund.

Information on the concept of bookies refunding lost bets

Due to the attractiveness of this bet back promotion, many game portals have created promotions with great value to attract the attention of players. Besides, we encourage players to participate in select on our platforms.

Criteria for evaluating game portals for refunding lost bets

On tIn fact, many gaming portals promise to refund lost bets, but players often have difficulty meeting the requirements or receiving refunds. To help players evaluate and choose The game portal refunds losing bets reputation, below are 3 important criteria to note:

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Minimum revenue level

Minimum revenue level calculated based on the number of bets the player has placed. Each game portal will set a different bet level that players need to achieve to receive a refund percentage. Reputable game portals have bet levels that are usually set reasonably and not too high for players to achieve.

However, currently there are many game portals that take advantage of this refund policy to scam players. The identifying point is that the house will suddenly increase the bet level without a clear explanation of how revenue is calculated. Players need to find a reputable place to avoid losing money unnecessarily.

Revenue level criteria to evaluate the reputation of the game portal

Loss return rate

One The game portal refunds losing bets reputation There will usually be a high or unlimited return. This is a criterion to consider when choosing a game portal. If the return on losing bets is not large enough, the offer will not benefit the player.

Refund process

Reputable game portals are those with clear, transparent, and easy-to-operate refund processes. This is a must-have criterion when choosing and evaluating the reputation of a game portal that refunds lost bets. Before depositing money at any game portal, you need to learn in advance about the processes related to deposit and withdrawal.

How does New88 game portal refund lost bets?

Each game portal will have different incentive rules. At the New88 homepage, cEvil games are supported by policy The game portal refunds losing bets including: Xi To, Fish Shooting, Sports, game portal, 3D Games, Cockfighting, Esport. To enjoy the promotion, players only need to bet from 1 point (equivalent to 1000 VND) or more for any game that applies the New88 refund program.

The return rate varies depending on the type of game and the total bet amount for the day. With a larger bet amount, the return rate is also higher. In particular, if the player bets on Jackpot with an amount of over 70,000,000 VND during the day, the house will apply a 3.0% refund rate. This is a very high return compared to the general level in the current market.

Content of New88’s lost bet refund program

To receive incentives The game portal refunds lost bets,Players only need to be a member of the house. Offer will be applied automatically every day for each qualifying account. New88’s bet refund promotion is only updated once per day. This promotion period lasts from 00:00 to 23:59.

Note: The house will not refund lost bets to accounts that violate promotion regulations, cancel bets, draw tickets, are ineligible or violate other rules when playing at the house.


Above is information about the game portal that refunds lost bets New88 and the criteria to evaluate a reputable game portal. game portal New88 also has many other incentives for members to participate in. We wish you a lucky and successful gaming experience.