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A new kind of websites have come up – a hybrid, mashup websites using the most talked about new features that are making their way into the mainstream – starmusiq, a service to help people find and buy Tamil new year songs online. The starmusiq website was launched on august 15, 2009, by Alexa, a company based in Chicago. By early August, Alexa had placed starmusiq at 37,785th position worldwide, while the highest number of its hits comes from Sri Lanka, in which it takes just 6,581 position.

Since its launch, starmusiq has seen a steady growth in popularity on the social media websites, and is now widely popular in India as well. Pandora, a Pandora-style radio that syndicates radio plays to users, is one of the many services that is available from starmusIQ. Tamil music downloads are readily available on starmusIQ as well, which is an addition that makes it an even more popular music download website. In fact, a recent research by Frost & Sullivan concluded that users who patronize starmusIQ are significantly more likely to buy a product, listen to a song or use a service like Pandora.

One of the key features of starmusIQ is that it is a completely free service and that users are not required to pay any charges for its operation. In fact, Pandora and other similar Pandora-style services make money through advertisements on their websites. However, starmusIQ is a totally free service and there is no need to pay for access to the library of Tamil songs. It is also worth noting that this is not the case with most music download websites. Most of them charge a fee and while they might be a good idea because it helps keep the service alive and kicking (especially on college campuses), it is not necessarily free of charge.

With this said, starmusIQ has a few advantages over other music download services. For one, it is a completely free service, and a huge advantage compared to some of the other services. Since it is a free service, it also has a big database of tamil movies, which will definitely help you search for your favorite songs. Another advantage is that it can be used to download all kinds of videos, including music and video songs. It supports DivX and XviD formats and has the capacity to stream H.264/MP4 files.

The quality of the videos offered by starmusiq is quite good and it definitely worth the cost. You will certainly enjoy watching your favorite songs in high definition quality without paying a penny. The service can also be used to download a wide array of music videos including Pongs, Mp3s, films, clips from TV shows and so much more. This makes it easier than ever to download your favorite songs to your mobile device and stay connected with your favorite music, even when you are on the move.

Apart from its free of cost features, the best thing about starmusiq is the way it allows you to download all kinds of videos and music. Since it is also a free service, it is a great choice for someone looking to download a few tamil songs or even get some new Tamil songs to sing along with. All you need to do is visit the website and follow the easy step-by-step instructions provided.