SA Game Combining formulas for SA on Tiger and Dragon cards Ensure that the profits are focused

Dragon Tiger SA game (sa คา สิ โน) is another SA game that is popular on the online SA website and is a SA game that is starting to gain more and more popularity. Although not as popular as the card SA games that used to create legends in the SA industry like baccarat but it is considered that there are enough people to know because it’s an easy-to-play SA game. Easy to understand It doesn’t take long to play Make it popular for novice gamers. And GAMERs who like easy and fast, therefore, for GAMERs who like the Dragon Tiger SA game, this time has brought the formula for betting on Tiger Dragon.

Dragon Tiger card layout formula

The card layout formula is considered the basic formula for the Dragon Tiger game. It is the first recipe that everyone should know. And it is also the easiest of all betting formulas. Because people who like to gamble on Tiger and Dragon cards must like their simplicity and speed. Therefore, difficult betting formulas are not very popular.

The formula for betting on Tiger and Dragon cards is not difficult at all. Just keep watching between your eyes a few times. When either side wins more than 2-3 times in a row, the next time you can bet on that side. Because the chances of winning the next time are quite high, for example, when the tiger wins from the 1st – 3rd round in the 4th round, immediately land on the tiger’s side without hesitation. This is all there is to this betting formula. It’s that simple, right?

Applied Delongbei Formula

SA Game free credit The delongbei recipe originated in France. But it is not used for the Dragon Tiger game. Because this Delongbei formula was originally invented for use in games like Baccarat. It is called the applied formula because originally, Dragon Tiger cards and Baccarat cards have similar methods of playing. In particular, the side is divided and then guesses the winner.

The Delongbei formula is simply called a formula that keeps increasing the stakes, one turn at a time, continuously. Provided that you have to lose at least 3 – 4 times in a row, for example, the 1st round bet 10 baht and lose, the 2nd round bet 20 baht until you win, keep increasing the stake when you win. Will receive all the money back by itself

Ping-Pong formula and 2 Ping-Pong balls

Next , let’s get to know the table tennis formula. that is not a ping-pong lottery Got this name because this formula will have to wait and see if the result of the cards that come out is losing, winning, alternating more than 2 times or not. It is an alternating win and loss between the dragon tigers, like a ping-pong ball counterattack. If it comes in this form, it is expected that many people would already know where and what form to bet. For those who haven’t seen it yet, I try to think that Tiger wins the first round Next round, the dragon wins. In the next round, the tiger wins. Next round, the dragon wins. In the next round, you can bet on the tiger.

As for the two-ball ping-pong, that is a similar case, but the tiger and the dragon take turns winning twice each, which this formula will have to look a little longer than the one-ball ping-pong formula. Because it is a pair we’ll have to wait and see for sure. But if you are confident, then you can bet according to the table tennis betting procedure.

Dragon Tiger Formula 1326

This formula was originally influenced and adapted from games such as Baccarat. But it can be used with tiger dragons as well. Including gaining profits but this formula will begin to have a higher level of complexity than the others above and cost quite a bit of capital. But it is a formula that focuses on increasing profits more.

The condition of this formula is when winning the first round, 2nd round bet 3 times from the first. If round 2 wins, in the 3rd round, reduce the stake to only 2x from the first. If the 3rd round wins again, in the 4th round, Bet 6 times from the first round or if giving an example, for example, the 1st round bet 10 baht, the 2nd bet 30 baht, the 3rd round bet 20 baht, and the 4th round bet 60 baht. Got to win to be able to use this formula this will result in getting a large number of bets at once.

Rolled Dragon Tiger Formula

This Dragon Tiger formula is another formula that requires a certain amount of funds to play. But it’s not a very difficult formula like 1326, it’s just a normal rollover bet. In case of wanting to increase the profit received Best of all, it must be combined with other formulas for sure wins and stakes.

By this formula, when placing a bet in the first round and winning, for example, bet 10 baht, get back 10 baht, in the second round, bet 20 baht or if bet 20 baht, get back 100 baht (in the case of a tie bet) In the next round, you have to bet 120, bringing the cost to compound the profit itself. Which in this way will bring back more profit and it is an extension without wasting time.