Posso Ter Morocco – The Royal Castle

Portugal’s capital city Lisbon has long been a popular choice for holiday makers looking to rent a holiday home in Europe and this is just the beginning of the beautiful itinerary that takes in the museums, the picturesque villages, the historic sites and the colourful streets. Over recent years Lisbon has really come into its own as an attractive location for tourists to book a holiday rental property and the younger generation coming through the city enjoy all sorts of activities and the nightlife that can be found on almost every street corner. Among the main attractions you will find the gorgeous beach-top resort of Figueira de Campo, famous for hosting the European water park Waterworld, and the lively bars and nightclubs on Cala Llonga. The Serra da Caparica Palace is another tourist attraction situated on a promenade at the city’s centre which once hosted Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa. Other main locations to look out for when booking your holiday rental apartment are the grand Estado da Rocha (The Royal Castle) in Old Town, the Parqueirao Church and the Gothic-styled Churches of St. John and Santa Maria, located at the heart of Old Town.

Returning to Lisbon for a stay away from the tourist hot-spots, you will find the cafes and restaurants of the old town start to buzz with the young crowds, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when alcoholic drinks are served in abundance. It is these bars and restaurants that provide the perfect opportunity for holidaymakers to sample some authentic Portuguese cuisine and whilst drinking in the atmosphere and culture that exists in this historic city. One of the must-try places to visit is the Podes Bar in Old Town, which has been a venue for some of Portugal’s comedy legends such as the Fat Tuesday roast and the annual Esker Festival. A little discovery about Portugal is also possible by taking a look at the world-renowned wine collection of the Vinho Verde winery, which is made from the juices of selected vineyards. Experience the excitement of non Gamstop casino no deposit bonus offers. Play a variety of games without restrictions and potentially win big with these generous promotions. Other important establishments worth checking out in Old Town include the National Museum, the fortress of Calpelleria, the 16th century church of Santa Maria and the National Archaeological Museum.

For those travelling on a budget, it can be possible to get accommodation that offers basic amenities such as bedding, towels and bathroom facilities, although it is worth noting that prices tend to be rather higher in this area due to the high demand. For those travelling on a budget and still want to experience good value for money, then an alternative choice of holiday rental accommodation may be the most suitable option. One option worth exploring is the Posso Ter Mas De Uma Atividade (PTSU – The Royal Castle) which has been designed by the architects responsible for the Palace of Justice in Rio.