New technology updates and innovations 2022 could bring

With technology continuing to evolve at a rapid rate, 2022 is likely going to be a big year that could promise a number of new innovations that users could experience across a variety of different things.

Technology has already played a role across a significant number of industries, with the iGaming industry perhaps one of the biggest benefactors as it has seen a surge of popularity and an increase in the number of people using an online casino to enjoy gambling sessions in a different way compared to before.

However, what does 2022 promise to deliver and what can the world potentially see in regards to the ever-developing technology already available?

5G becomes mainstream

One of the biggest new technologies to have emerged recently is 5G internet connectivity. At the moment, though, it is rather limited in where it can be accessed and used. However, 2022 could see it become more widespread and eventually become rather mainstream.

Being significantly quicker, more reliable and more secure, there are a number of industries that would benefit by this happening, whilst users will also be able to experience the very best that the internet has to offer them when connected.

Improvements in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in almost all walks of life, as this is the technology that allows robotic features to do the things that humans want them to do. AI is continually improving as it gets better at learning the behaviours and actions it needs, with many organisations already adopting the tech as a means of communication when visitors to their site require assistance.

Augmented Reality for online shopping

We have all experienced a time where we have gone to buy something online and either received something that looks a little different to what we thought it would, or does not look quite like we had imagined it would when seeing the image.

That could be a thing of the past, though, as 2022 could see the introduction of augemented reality being used when doing online shopping. Vendors could use the technology – which does already exist – to create 3D images and models of the products being sold, which could potentially allow customers to see what they could be buying as if it were already in their hands.

In addition to giving the customer a more accurate idea about what it is that is being purchased, the technology could also help to improve things for the vendor and encourage business even further.

Virtual Reality becomes accessible to everyone

One thing that many will know about what happens with technology once it becomes widely available is that it will become cheaper to produce, therefore becoming cheaper to buy as a customer.

Virtual reality is one of the biggest technological innovations to have been experienced recently, but it still remains a little inaccessible to the masses due to its cost. 2022 could see this tech continue to be evolved and become cheaper, thus allowing more to be able to get their hands on it.

Additionally, VR does not just have to be solely for the use of gaming or other entertainment forms, either. For instance, it could be used for almost anything an individual wanted, which could be something else that might be achieved in 2022.

Passwordless authentication

Remembering each and every single password can be extremely challenging and difficult to do if you follow the guidelines and use a different one for each and every account, however 2022 could see this become a thing of the past.

AI has become smarter, which means the strongest of passwords are even becoming hackable with a little time and patience from those trying to access accounts that are not theirs. However, with devices such as smartphones that can be used in tandem with account access, we might see the era of trying to remember a password become one that we hope never needs to be experienced again.


It is clear that whilst technology has already managed to experience a number of impressive moments in regards to its development and the innovations that it has managed to provide, there is still a lot more that it can offer.

2022 could be another huge year for tech and one that could change the world and the way humans do things forever. However, do not forget, tech continues to evolve at a rapid pace, therefore even more could potentially happen in the next 12 months and certainly beyond.