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The Geometry Dash PC (Free) application from Nintendo is designed as a simple yet addicting game which will give you hours of entertainment. It is basically a puzzle game in which you are required to figure out solutions by clicking on objects in the open space of the screen. This is quite an easy job but one that requires plenty of practice. Unlike other similar games, the real difficulty comes from the elements that are present in the various stages of the game. These are a mix of simple physics and clever algorithms that help to make Geometry Dash a very challenging experience.

The Geometry Dash PC (Free) application offers two modes namely the normal ” arcade ” mode and the “mod” version. The ” Arcade ” mode challenges you to figure out the various shapes by clicking on them in the space and thus gain points for every correct solution. This mode is available in both portrait and landscape view and hence follows the same rules as the standard mode. On the other hand, the “mod” version has been developed as a completely new game; this version makes use of several arcade-style elements which make it a lot more fun and lively. Here you have the ability to design new levels that are available after you complete the current one.

The Geometry Dash mod version is actually a part of the main game; therefore, the player must first start out on the “normal” mode before unlocking the Geometry Dash mod. The difference lies in the fact that the Geometry Dash mod gives you the ability to design new stages with the existing ones by using a variety of tools such as bombs, ramps and holes. You are also able to select a special shot, dodge obstacles and shoot special objects that canisters or balls. You can also use bombs to create a loop system; while you can also utilize a ramp in order to jump from one platform to another. However, in this mod version, you cannot increase your score with the regular bombs and you have to pick them up manually.

The main difference between the standard version and the Geometry Dash mod version lies in the fact that the former allows you to use a wide range of objects as well as different strategies for designing your stages. There are several categories available for you to choose from in the standard game, and these include things like ramps, holes, bombs and items that can be bought and used by your character. As such, the Geometry Dash mod offers a much more engaging gameplay than its predecessor. The standard game also involves an endless amount of loops that you need to complete in order to move on to the next level; however, the Geometry Dash mod adds a few obstacles here and there, which makes it more interesting. In fact, the difficulty of the game actually increases quite a bit when you use more powerful items and the power of your jumps increases as well. This makes the overall gameplay more exciting and challenging.

The first part of the gameplay involves the player taking a different approach to every level. For instance, in the Beginner Round, you have a chance to get through the levels without using any item, which means you just need to focus on the visuals and patterns in order to move forward. The advanced mode, called Endless Round, has more challenges, especially when you consider that you are required to design the levels themselves and the obstacles in these levels. One category that you should definitely try out is the World Circuit mode, which allows you to design your own obstacle courses using the cubes you have collected throughout the game; all you need to do is to make sure these patterns go through all the geometry dash boards you see.

There are some problems with the game, such as the fact that it uses a lot of repetitive phrases (such as “stay down, don’t spin!”) and it can be very frustrating when you have to repeat a pattern to move through an obstacle. However, this minor annoyance is easily fixed by downloading any of the many free apps available for this game on both the Android Market and Apple App Store. If you really want to enjoy Geometry Dash, you should definitely take the time to learn more about the different modes and obstacles included in the game, as well as the strategies you can employ to speed through the various challenges. The Geometry Dash Mod Apk is an application that will truly take your Geometry Dash experience to the next level.