lavender hair oil | lavender oil for skin | Is Smokable Lavender Safe For Smoking?

Although most dried lavender is perfectly safe for smoking, you must be careful to choose a quality product. While purchasing smokable herbs, pay attention to the regulations set forth by the Health Canada and FDA. Check to ensure that the lavender has been dried and is pesticide free. Look for a chemical analysis so you know the product has undergone safety tests. In addition to quality, it should be certified by the manufacturer. These documents will tell you if the herb has been certified safe for smoking.

There are many benefits to smoking smokeable lavender. Lavender helps smokers quit tobacco cigarettes because it is free of nicotine and other substances that trigger addiction. It also has relaxing effects, making it a great alternative to cigarette smoke. Smoking lavender is a natural way to kick the habit while enjoying a mouth-watering taste. Many smokers find the calming effects of this herb to be very helpful when trying to stop smoking.

Smoking any type of tobacco is harmful for your health. Although lavender contains no nicotine, smoking it can still lead to respiratory problems and contribute to lung cancer. Toxic fumes from tobacco cigarettes are also dangerous for young children and can cause a variety of health problems, including cancer. The risk is greater with smoking any type of tobacco. The herb does not contain all of these harmful compounds, but it does contain carbon monoxide at the same levels as tobacco cigarettes.