Hotels in Santa Monica, California

Santa Maloca is a small beach town in the Riviera Nayarit on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Santa Monica is Mexico’s largest beach resort, so naturally there are lots of nice hotels there but not many of them are of high quality or have all the great facilities that you would expect from a five star hotel. I can’t say that the hotels here are any better than those in other resorts, they’re just not as “high end” as some of the more prominent resorts in Mexico.

For the most part the restaurants are okay, but there are a few gems in the “small restaurants” that may be worth checking out. My favorite kind of restaurants in Santa Monica are the “taco” style shops that are usually found along the beach front. The atmosphere is always fun and if you ever get the chance to try some authentic Mexican food, it’s out of this world! I’ve also had some great experiences at such places as Tortilleria Elote, which is a hole in the wall Mexican style restaurant that had some fabulous food (and was also one of the few “real” Mexican restaurants in town).

If you’re looking for some cool beach stuff, Santa Monica is chock full of this too. From cute little cafes with interesting indoors to beach themed bars, there’s plenty of fun places to hang out on the sand! One of my personal favorite places for cool siestas is called “Ximos” which is a small, peaceful beach bar with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a great place to end your day with, filled with surf and a nice cold beer! If you want to head further south into surfing country, then there’s Surfside, which is where the waves start to get good. If you head to Santa Monica, you have plenty of choices for great surfing adventures!