Here’s What Really Matters in Football Betting

You’ve poured over the Sports section, analyzed the injury reports and game-day weather forecasts and tortured yourself with headaches. You’ve also wondered how a heart transplant will affect your wide receiver’s throwing arm. And now you’re gulping down Excedrin as you read the stats that the Bookies have. It’s enough to make you crazy, so let’s get down to what really matters in betting on football.

Home-field advantage

Home-field advantage is a powerful factor in UFABET เว็บตรง . It’s important to understand that this is not a one-size-fits-all benefit. The true value of home-field advantage depends on many factors, including the opponent’s strength and the strength of the home field.

Home-field advantage gives a home team an advantage over a visiting team in nearly every sport. It gives home teams more support, and is often a deciding factor during critical moments. It’s also believed to have a physiological effect on player performance. A home team’s fans are more familiar with the team and the environment, which can make a difference in the outcome.

Historically, home-field advantage was worth about 2.8 points in the NFL. However, that number has decreased considerably over the last ten or 15 years. In the early years of the NFL, home-field advantage was worth between two and three points. In recent years, it has been worth about 1.5 to two points.

Point spreads

The point spread is a common betting technique in sports. It is used to create an even playing field between two teams by assessing the relative strength of both teams. The point spread adds points to the final score of the underdog team and subtracts points from the final score of the favorite team. The team that covers the spread wins the game. Point spreads have been around since the 1940s and are popular in all kinds of sports leagues.

When using a point spread in sports betting, it is important to understand what it is and how it works. If a team wins by a narrow margin but the point spread is high, it is called a push. In the same way, if the favorite team loses by a narrow margin, the game is considered a push.


One of the most common betting strategies for UFABET เว็บหลัก is the teaser. The idea is that you place a bet on the underdog and hope it wins the game. This method can produce profits over a large sample of games, especially in the NFL. This betting strategy is most profitable when the underdog is favored by less than seven points.

You should never bet on a teaser that crosses the zero line. This is because in most games, the teams will score in increments of three (field goals) or seven (touchdowns). By moving the line off these numbers, you will increase your chances of winning.


Parlays are a type of wager where you combine multiple wagers into one bet and roll the winnings of individual wagers into the next wager. In order to qualify as a winner, all legs of the parlay must win. An example of a parlay would be a three-team NFL parlay, where the Cowboys, Giants, and Chiefs each win by 11 points. Then you would add in the Buccaneers, who are favored by four points.

Parlays can be risky, as they require you to wager on multiple outcomes, which makes them more difficult to win. While they have a higher risk of being lost than winning, parlays still have higher payouts. However, parlays are not for everyone. They require a high level of skill mixed with luck, and many people have a difficult time winning them.

NFL coaching changes

In addition to new head coaches coming in the NFL, there have also been coaching changes on the defensive side of the ball. Among the most notable coaching changes are the ones involving tight ends. Former Jets coach Bruce Arians stepped down to make room for new head coach Anthony Lynn. He previously served as the running backs coach for the Chargers for four seasons. Before that, he was the head coach of the Jets. Another coaching change in the NFL was the hiring of Bob Sanders, who spent the last two seasons as a quality control assistant in Detroit. Another assistant coach is Matt Applebaum, who spent two seasons as an offensive line coach with Boston College.

The Miami Dolphins have also undergone coaching changes. First, they have fired Brian Flores, who has led them to a 19-14 record the past two seasons. Their replacement is Mike McDaniel, who comes from the Shanahan coaching tree and has served in various offensive assistant roles throughout the league. While he’s still a young man, Gannon’s experience in the NFL is extensive, and he could be a good fit in a rebuilding organization.