Hemp oil: what medical users should know After the expiration of the marijuana possession notice

During this transition period, several agencies were experimenting with growing cannabis to produce oil extracts—Pharmaceutical Organization, one of them. They were revealed today (16 May) that now 140 medical-grade cannabis plants began to be planted in February under a project to produce a prototype medical cannabis extract starting to bloom. It will take 8-10 weeks to produce sublingual cbd öl extract.

Mission to save humanity with medical marijuana

Look at the “green line” business for recreation in Uruguay 5 years after liberalization.

Why are many countries in the world more open to marijuana?

There are three formulations of cannabis oil produced by the FDA: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which has soothing and pain-relieving properties, and CBD (Cannabidiol), which has anti-nausea, vomiting, and wound-inflammation properties. which is a drug in the treatment of different diseases.

The produced cbd öl will be used in clinical trials with the first 2,500 bottles of patients at the end of July by the Department of Medicine and related agencies. I will consider how to get patients to apply next week.

In addition to the Pharmaceutical Organization, other agencies such as the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine. Faculty of Pharmacy many universities Cooperate with cannabis production groups as well.

For patients who have used and needed to use medical marijuana before, the government requires that marijuana possession be declared. What must be done to avoid breaking the law, which stipulates the penalties for possession of narcotics category five kratom, marijuana, which is imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine of not more than 100,000 baht, or both? BBC Thai collects answers to this question.

What should I do if I use cannabis oil after 21 May?

“Will the cannabis oil used to be clean and safe? Will there be any penalties? Hit with the drugs that are used?” is a concern of Areeporn Khiao-Aram, a 53-year-old former government official who has been suffering from cancer for 13 years since breast cancer. Lung and is currently treating liver cancer. continuously

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Areeporn told BBC Thai that I recently started trying a bottle of cannabis oil from a friend. It is used in conjunction with a specific active cancer drug that must be taken monthly. But after using cbd öl, it was found in a blood test last month. Inflammation of the liver decreased. And make sleep better.

What will the information collected by the state be used for?

Information Officials Collected from Marijuana Possession Receipts It will be a database about the number of patients who use marijuana. quantity required, including the type of disease that the patient uses cannabis to treat any condition

“The FDA has to report that When used, it is effective. Is it really effective for various diseases? Can this disease really work? There have been reports from doctors that have treated patients and how effective they have been,” said the Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA. best bongs 2023

Prof. Dr. Teerawat Hemajuta, Head of the Center for Emerging Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, revealed that registration information via the website would be forwarded to the FDA. Even though he’s already using cannabis and has not used But, it is necessary for the future. Even without a medical certificate, one can register.

Registration of this section “It is an expression of sincerity that there is currently a health problem,” said Prof. Theerawat.