Free Bet at  Jun88 | Get 300k immediately for new players

Free Bet at Jun88 is a completely real thing happening at this game portal, and has been attracting many bettors.

Details about  Free Bet at  Jun88 – Free select

Members of the Reputable game portal Jun88 already familiar with many promotions or offers from this brand of Philippine origin.

However with the program Free Bet at  Jun88 Players will receive more attractive things than rewards programs for new members or refunds of lost bets when playing sports select or game portal card games.

The attractive thing about this program is the number of games that players can bet on.

All providers affiliated with the game portal participate in this program, only AllBet does not participate.

But with that, players still have hundreds of game titles covering many genres such as sports select (from traditional to modern), live game portal card games, 3D Games, pot exploding games, keno lottery games…

(1)  Free Bet promotion details at  Jun88

Free select promotions Free Bet at Trang chủ Jun88 This is considered a breakthrough because currently in our country’s select market, no game portal has launched a promotion like this.

(2) How to participate in the program

To participate in the program Free Bet at  Jun88, players first need to check the validity of their account by contacting the 24/7 customer care system of game portal  Jun88.

After informing the customer service staff that you want to participate in the free select program, the customer service staff will review and compare the customer’s information.

In case players have previously participated in receiving rewards for new members, they will not be able to participate in this program.

However, the house still has many other programs for you to participate in, so don’t worry.

In addition, during the checking process, they will also help you check whether you have verified your phone number or not.

Because the house’s payment process is quite secure, using a two-layer security lock system, when transferring money between wallets or withdrawing money from gaming accounts, players need an OTP code to confirm. .

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(3) Join  Free Bet at  Jun88

Due to program requirements Free Bet at  Jun88 is to deposit a minimum of 300 VND so players can log in and complete the deposit operation into their gaming account.

Next, players proceed to participate in the free select program. After completing the following steps, the player will see the bonus transferred immediately to the gaming wallet.

  • Step 1: Log in to your gaming account and select Deposit -> then select “Transfer money”
  • Step 2: Select “main wallet” as the wallet to which you want to transfer money, and select “Destination wallet” as the wallet to receive the money transfer
  • Step 3: In the amount of money to be transferred, the player fills in the number “0”
  • Step 4: In the promotional code section, the player enters the promotional code provided by the customer service staff after checking the validity of the player’s account.
  • Step 5: Fill in the OTP code to confirm the money transfer transaction and complete the operation to receive your reward

(4) Terms and conditions for joining  Free Bet at  Jun88

The terms and conditions regulate players participating in the free select program Free Bet at  Jun88 includes the following:

  • Each  Jun88 member is only allowed to participate in the program once to receive rewards Free Bet at  Jun88 for the duration of the program (entire May 2022)
  • To be able to withdraw bonuses from the main account (into cash), players need to complete the deposit request before participating in the program and the select request with revenue after participating in the program.
  • In particular, the minimum deposit is 300 VND and the turnover bet is 1x (applies to all games except games from AllBet provider).
  • Complete the program requirements and players receive a maximum bonus of one million VND.

(5) Notes when participating in the  Free Bet program at  Jun88

  • game portal  Jun88 requires a valid participating account to be an account that has never received a reward program for new players before.
  • In addition, this account must also operate normally, not have the same IP address as another account and show no signs of violating select principles.
  • The account needs to verify the transaction using OTP code. This is the optimal transaction verification method with two layers of security.
  • To receive the OTP code, players need to verify the phone number to receive the code first.
  • Players only need to complete the game portal’s select requirements to be able to quickly withdraw the bonus into cash.

 Jun88 is a new game portal appearing in Vietnam, but in the international select market, this is a name that has been around for a long time with outstanding reputation.

Programme Free Bet at  Jun88 is just one of many incentive programs that this house offers to members and players who have chosen to stick with the house.

Wishing all players good luck and receiving more bonuses from the reputable game portal  Jun88.