Football bets with a double chance: A winning strategy?

Three-way bets, often known as 1X2 bets in other sports, allow you to choose between a home victory, an away win, or a draw. This betting approach is famous in football games when the odds of a tie are high.

With additional possibilities comes the extra stress of guessing the match’s conclusion. There is a chance that the game will result in a tie. Placing a double chance bet is one technique to overcome this obstacle. This approach may get thought of as a profitable sports betting strategy.

What are double-chance bets?

You can select which of the two teams will win a game in traditional two-way bets. In other words, you have a 50/50 chance of winning. You may also place a bet on a tie in a three-way bet. While a three-way betting system provides you with additional แทงบอลออนไลน์ alternatives, it also reduces your odds of winning. With only three possible outcomes, your chances of winning are only about 33%. One solution is to wager on two results rather than simply one. A double chance bet is the name of this strategy.

A double chance bet improves your winning chances to roughly 67%, which is higher than a two-way bet. The aim is to stake a wager on one result and back that up with another wager. A double chance bet is simple to place, so even novice and recreational gamblers may utilize it.

A double chance bet’s composition

First, grasp how a three-way bet works before placing a double chance bet. Three-way bets are named because there are three possible outcomes: Team A wins, Team B wins, and the game ends in a tie. Three-way outcomes, often known as 1X2 bets, are denoted by 1 (home victory), X (draw), and 2 (result) (away win).

You can combine two of three possibilities in one wager when you bet on a double chance. Combinations such as the ones below are possible:

  • 1X – home win and draw
  • 2X – win and draw on the road
  • 12 – win both at home and away

Advantages and drawbacks

A double chance bet has the benefit of allowing you to gamble on two outcomes rather than one. This choice reduces your chances of winning by lowering your risks.

A double chance can result in reduced profits. Even if you win the wager, covering two possibilities implies you’ve lost one of your wagers.


In a three-way bet, double chance bets improve your chances of winning. However, doing some research before placing your bet might help you increase your odds of winning.

Analyzing which teams are most likely to win, for example, might help you determine whether a double chance bet is preferable to other sorts of bets. Whatever method you use, make sure your place football betting legal and reputed sportsbooks so you can confidently back your favorite team.

When looking at games involving two open teams, Double Chance betting may be a terrific strategy to win.