Find out what Online Game is? Experience of winning Gaming you need to know

When participating in Slot or lottery redemption games, the “Jackpot” prize is too familiar with a huge prize fund that anyone wants. However, if a player is new to the select world, they may not clearly understand the concept of this term. Let’s  Nhà Cái Jun88 Find out what Jackpot is? Popular types of Jackpot, along with the following winning experience.

Find out what the definition of Jackpot is?

What is Jackpot? This can be simply understood as a special prize or jackpot with a large reward fund that accumulates over time. Accordingly, this prize often appears in games such as Slotgame and lottery.

The current Jackpot has prizes worth up to billions of dong and is always a dream for all players participating in select. Gamers have a chance to win this jackpot while experiencing different games. For example, with the lottery genre, there are fruit, car racing,… and lottery is vietlott.

In addition to the above forms, game portals and online game portal have also developed many new genres with Jackpot bonus features. Including, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Xi To, Blackjack,…

What are the types of Jackpot cumulative rewards? What types are included?

Currently, Jackpot prizes are divided into 5 main types including Local, Network, Fixed and Progressive Jackpot. Each form will have a different accumulation frequency and reward level.

Local Jackpot

What is Local Jackpot? This is considered a bonus version often applied in spin the hat at online bookies. Accordingly, the bonus will be accumulated from the select capital of those participating in entertainment in that spin the hat, so the value is not too high compared to other types.

In other words, the Local Jackpot will be generated from the bets of everyone who has participated in the same game. The winner will receive all the money in it and the fund will return to zero.

Network Jackpot

Network is also known as Jackpot network connection and works completely differently than Local. Accordingly, bonuses will not accumulate from players in the same game portal or game, but the bonus fund will include all players in many different categories.

This helps create super large Jackpot rewards, which can reach tens of billions of dong. Similar to buying a Vietlott ticket, everyone is paying part of the money into the common prize fund, regardless of where they come from, they all have the same chance of winning.

What is Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive is also known as Progressive Jackpot, which has a quite special way of working, as the prize of this category will increase after each participant bets. In other words, if you deposit money to play and spin, a part of the bet will be added to the prize and gradually accumulate in the next Spins. The same mechanism applies to the bettor.

Therefore, the more bettors who participate in depositing money, the bonus fund will increase quickly over time. This method is increasingly popular as it can bring extremely high total prize value.

Fixed Jackpot

What is Fixed Jackpot? This is a jackpot prize of a fixed amount. To put it simply, when a player participates in select and wins at a game portal or online game portal, he or she will receive a reward of a predetermined value, regardless of the total bonus fund contributed by other members.

Popular forms of Jackpot select and winning rates

As mentioned, Jackpot prizes are often applied to two popular types of bets: spin the hat and lotteries. Accordingly, when participating in any game of this genre, you will have a chance to win prizes. But does everyone know what the current winning rate of these two forms is?

Jackpot winning rate in spin the hat

Once you know the concept of Jackpot, what is it? Many people will notice that this prize often appears in spin the hat, in fact this can be considered a variation of jackpot. Accordingly, the amount of money the player receives will be based on a fixed or cumulative bonus depending on each game.

In spin the hat, Jackpot will be considered the biggest prize that participating gamers can win. The player’s losses will be accumulated and the lucky gamer will receive all the rewards of this prize pot.

Regarding the Jackpot winning rate in jackpot games at game portal and game portals, according to estimated statistics, this rate is usually about 1/49,836,032. In other words, you will need 50 million Spins to win once.

What is the Vietlott Jackpot winning rate?

As everyone knows, there is a big difference between the regular form of lottery and the form of playing Vietlott. Specifically, if it is in the traditional method, the jackpot is only from 1 to 2 billion VND, on the contrary, Vietlott’s Jackpot can be up to hundreds of billions.

Thanks to the high Jackpot bonus fund, the Vietlott lottery genre has quickly captured more than half of the market since 2016. Accordingly, this form will have 2 main types of play including Power 6/55 Lottery and Mega 6/ 45 with winning odds of 1/28,989,675, 1/8,145,060 respectively. This is considered a high level and only those who are really lucky or have a lot of experience choosing numbers can win.

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Good playing experience helps win the Jackpot

When you know what Jackpot is? So do you want to know any good playing experiences to help you improve your chances of winning this prize? The following content will share some effective tips to help everyone bring home the Jackpot.

  • Understand the basic playing rules in Jackpot categories so that you can place bets effectively.
  • Focus on select for the jackpot, but now You need to know when to stop to optimize results and avoid losing too much capital.
  • Manage your select capital effectively, strictly and reasonably, choose the right time, as well as change the way you play to try new strategies.

Through the above article of game portal Jun88, do you have some understanding of what the Jackpot prize is? Everyone should accumulate right Experience and practice skills to play effectively, to gradually win a huge jackpot prize for yourself.