Explaining how much a 3-way game can win for you bettors

For many people who love the lottery game genre, the 3-way lottery format is certainly not unfamiliar. Although the payout rate is quite high, it also comes with a level of risk that cannot be underestimated. For new players, some people still don’t know the specifics How much does it cost to play 3 parlays?? The following article by 789bet game portal will answer some of the questions of many players.

What is 3-way lottery or 3-way bet?

Cross lotteries, also known as stone lotteries, are understood as players select on many numbers at the same time and in one bet. You will be considered a big win if all the lottery pairs you bet on produce winning results based on traditional lottery results.

So, playing 3-way lottery is select on 3 pairs of numbers that you believe will appear in the last numbers of the traditional lottery prize of the day.

With such a format, it can be seen that this is a game that is difficult to calculate and carries quite high risks. However, the player will also receive a huge reward if they are lucky enough to guess correctly and place a 3-way bet. So specifically, how to play How much does skewer number 3 cost??

How much does a 3-way bet cost?

Odds of winning 3 in the North

In fact, lottery games are divided according to the results of each region’s own lottery. Therefore, the calculation of the 3rd cross lot will also be based on the individual ratio of each region.

In the North, when playing 3 parlays, players have the opportunity to receive rewards up to 40 or even 70 times larger than the amount spent.

If you are lucky enough to guess the last 3 pairs of numbers of the Northern lottery prizes, from the initial 60,000 VND spent, you will receive 2,500,000 VND. With game portal with high payout rates, players can receive up to 4,000,000 VND in bonuses.

The value of the 3-way lottery reward in the Central and Southern regions

Compared to the odds in the North, the odds in the Central and South are lower but not too much. Specifically, with most game portal operating today, the rate will be 43,000 VND/1 lot point.

Thus, there is a simple calculation that if a player bets 1 point and wins, he can receive about 3,500,000 VND.

Based on the suggestions above, you will be able to calculate the work If you bet 3, how many do you get? is suitable? Combined with strategies and reasonable capital allocation, players can not only get their capital back but also easily make more profits.

Revealing how to play 3-way lottery to be sure of winning

After knowing How much does it cost to play 3 parlays?, players will probably be quite confused about the methods and ways to increase their winning rate when playing parlays. However, currently no specific method has been proposed. But you can refer to the experience of veteran players and combine it with lessons learned from your playing times to improve. Below are some summarized experiences that players can refer to.

Statistics of common ratios

Basically, this game still revolves around numbers, so players can rely on these numbers to increase their chances of winning. For many players, previously reported bonus score statistics, also known as prediction, have been effective.

Specifically, with this method, you will track and record the lottery results of many consecutive periods. Then, based on these statistics, predict the results for the next period. Currently, on the Internet there are also many tools for predicting and calculating 3-way lottery numbers to support players. However, the effectiveness still needs practical evaluation from longtime players.

Some pairs of numbers often appear together so that many players can refer to:

  • The number pair 36 is most likely to go with 28.65.
  • Pair 55 often goes with numbers 40 and 15
  • Pair 27 is likely to return as 04 or 05
  • If the lottery number is 87, you can consider going with number 24, 83
  • The pair of numbers 10 is more likely to come together with 23 or 93.

In addition, there are some pairs of numbers that are statistically highly likely to return to shore. They are: 38. 55, 86, 74, 79 and 58.
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Reasonable division of capital

It’s normal for new players to feel confused when making bets. Because the outcome of the game is also difficult to grasp. For that reason, players must pay more attention and divide their capital appropriately to avoid losing too much.

  • You can spread your money evenly to balance the risk ratio with each pair of numbers you bet on.
  • With pairs of numbers that have many opportunities, bettors can continue to farm to wait for profit. Or if there are signs that something is wrong, the player also needs to stop to avoid raising a bet.
  • You can use capital at the ratio of 20:80. That is, invest 20% of your capital in the most potential 3-way lot and the rest will be spread evenly to other pairs of numbers. If you’re lucky, this potential 20% rate can help you get back 80% of your initial capital.

How much does it cost to play 3 parlays? And how to have a high chance of winning is still the concern of many brothers, both new and old. Because this is a difficult game to grasp, there is currently no specific method to help players win 100%. The suggestions and instructions above will help you understand a bit about how to predict and calculate to achieve a higher winning rate. Players also need to rely on their experience to make the most accurate and specific judgments for each bet.