Email Pag Sereguro Proves to Be an Effective Program

The Email Pag Segment Editor is the most recent release in email marketing software from Paget. It has some very powerful features that will help your business. This is one of the best email marketing software packages on the market and it will save you a lot of time and headaches as well. The features it includes are a complete layout of your whole email content in HTML, so you can create email messages with ease and give your customers the ability to send you email without problems.

Email Pag Sereguro will allow you to personalize your emails by changing the font and background colors, as well as hiding header and footer sections by pressing a single button. There is also a custom logo auto complete function for those tricky words or sentences that you need to fill in to complete the email message. Paget’s email software will automatically hide unwanted text, calculate the size of the text you want to display and hide any non essential text. You can also specify a maximum width for the auto complete action. You can also specify the minimum and maximum height for the div elements, so you can create a unique layout.

The Email Pag Sereguro is available in both freeware and shareware versions, but the pro version is priced at a modest $6.50. If you wish to have the full version of the software, you can get it by visiting their website, which can be accessed free of charge. You must provide your email address for activation as well as your payment processing information so that you get your email address activated. Once you have entered all the necessary details, you will be able to create your very own Paget email page, even if it is a dummy version of the real page. So if you have been looking for a program to help you manage multiple email accounts, but want one that is not too complicated, the email management software from Paget is definitely for you.