Correio Etiquetas

Correio Etiquetas is a famous Spanish comic book written by Don Pepinie and illustrated bygeon Francisco Goya. The book was first released in May 1938 and was immediately popular with the Spanish people, who called it “the comic that brought history to the suburbs”. A great deal of emphasis is placed on realism and the everyday situations that the comic book heroes were faced with. This resulted in an enormous success for the comic and the book’s author. Although, the success of Correio Etiquetas was not sustained, it has gone on to gain popularity throughout the 1940s.

Most of the time, the story of Correio etiquetas involves a young boy who lives in the outskirts of a small village named Las Palmas. One day, the son of the owner of the house, Lope, is walking his dog outside when he finds a strange figure waiting for him on the street. He takes the dog for a walk and finds a dead body. Horrible news brings the townspeople to the house where they find that the deceased was electrocuted while playing with a remote-controlled electric eel. Realizing what had happened, they call the police who in turn inform the local authorities, who in turn inform the Correio Etiquetas shopkeeper who then decides to bury the body.

The comic book hero tries to solve the crime, but soon realizes that the dead man had been electrocuted due to some wire having been wrapped around his neck and a box which had been put over his head. Having no other choice, Correio sets out to Las Palmas to find the owner of the box and the real culprit. Along the way, Correio meets up with several of the main characters of the comic, including a girl who wants to marry him and a man with mysterious motives. All the main characters are thrown into action and have to learn how to live with each other as the course of the story unfolds.

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