Caio Voce – The Best Restaurant in Lisbon

The country of Portugal is home to a number of great cafes and restaurants, some of which are Caio Voce, a restaurant founded by Carlos Costa, who was living in Lisbon while going through school. Costa opened the place up to the public in the early nineties, and today it still retains a very welcoming ambience for people who would like to have a quiet night in. A great many people also choose to spend their time here during the week because of the wonderful beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

Caio Voce offers the guests a choice between several different kinds of Portuguese food, with local ingredients as well as visitors choosing from a vast selection of seafood. Some of the most popular dishes include meat platters, tapas, salads, pastas, and desserts. While some people do enjoy seafood, others are more accustomed to things like beef, lamb, or chicken – things that are far from the tapas of Portugal.

Another good idea when spending your time in Caio Voce is to try their baked goods. This includes pastries, cakes, and pies, although you will surely find something to please even the pickiest of palates. A must try at Caio Voce would be their fresh made juices, which come in a wide variety of flavors and colors. In fact, the majority of the juices offered at this place are organic. If you are interested in trying something new and different, then Caio Voce is definitely worth checking out, and it’s worth making the drive from the nearest city! is Get The Latest website At One Place like Arts Culture, Fashion, movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Fitness and health news here and