Best 10 players of United Arab Emirates (UAE): that you should know


ECB Emirates Cricket boards oversee the UAE United Arab Emirates team (ECB). UAE, United Arab Emirates joined the ICC international cricket council as just an Association Member in 1990 after joining as an Affiliates Participant in 1989. Among the up-and-coming ODI One-Day International cricket sides is the United Arab Emirates national squad. Between 2000 to 2006, the UAE squad succeeded in the ACC Cup four times in a row. In the championship’s other 3 years—1996, 1998 as well as 2008—they finished in second place. The national cricketing squad of UAE victor the 1994 ICC Tournament, participated in their initial ODI series that year, and went on to represent the UAE at the 1996 Cricket World Cup. Below are the top ten ODI cricketers for the UAE United Arab Emirates cricketing squad with analysis of world cricket news:

About UAE Cricket team

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a cricket-playing nation and has a national cricket team that competes in international competitions. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the country and has a strong following among its fans. The UAE team has been a part of the international cricket scene since the 1980s and has made steady progress over the years. They have competed in several ICC events, including the Cricket World Cup and the World Twenty20. In recent years, the team has also performed well in international cricket tournaments and has won many matches against top-ranked teams.

Cricket is played at various levels in the UAE, including club cricket and school cricket, as well as at the national level. The country has several cricket grounds and facilities that meet international standards, which provides a good platform for the development of cricket in the region. In addition to the national team, the UAE also has a domestic cricket structure that consists of multiple leagues and tournaments. These include the Emirates D10 League, which is a franchise-based T10 cricket league, and the UAE T20 League, which is a Twenty20 cricket tournament featuring teams from the UAE and other countries.

The UAE has also produced several talented cricketers who have gone on to represent their country on the international stage. Some of these players have also had successful careers playing in leagues around the world, including in India and Australia. The growth of cricket in the UAE has been supported by the government and various cricket organizations, who are working to promote the sport and provide opportunities for players of all ages and abilities to get involved. Through these efforts, the UAE is rapidly establishing itself as a major cricketing nation in the region.

Best 10 players of United Arab Emirates (UAE): that you should know

10. Adnan Mufti 

Adnan Mufti, a UAE United Arab Emirates cricket athlete, took birth on 30th December 1984. Between 2007 to 2016, Adnan Mufti was listed as a member of the UAE side for the Twenty20 International (T20I) 2016 series versus the Afghanistan cricket squad.

9. Ashfaq Ahmad 

Ashfaq Ahmad was chosen for United Arab Emirates UAE One Day International ODI team in 2018 January for the tri-series versus Scotland and Ireland. On 11th January 2018, Ashfaq Ahmad made his One-day international debut versus the Ireland squad in the tri-series.

8. Chirag Suri 

Chirag Suri made his One-day international debut for United Arab Emirates UAE against the cricketing team of the West Indies during the World Cup cricket Qualifier match 2018. Chirag Suri was chosen to be a member of the UAE United Arab Emirates team for the Asia Cup qualifiers competition in 2018.

7. Mohammad Naveed 

In a local series versus the Nepalese cricketing team in 2019 January, Mohammad Naveed led the UAE United Arab Emirates for 1st time in a One-day international match. Mohammad Naveed was suspended from every cricketing form for 8 years in 2021 March after being proven liable for bribery.

6. Ghulam Shabber

Ghulam Shabber was chosen in 2018 January to play cricket for the UAE United Arab Emirates cricketing squad in the year 2018 ICC Cricket  World cup League Division 2 competition. Ghulam Shabber also participated in the 2018 ACC Emerging squads Asia Cup squad for the UAE United Arab Emirates.

5. Amjad Ali 

Amjad Ali, a cricket athlete for the United Arab Emirates, took birth on 25th September 1979. Amjad Ali made his One-Day International ODI debut in 2008 for a United Arab Emirates country’s cricketing squad. Amjad Ali is a left-hand batsman as well as a right-arm medium-fast bowler, and a wicketkeeper for the UAE United Arab Emirates country cricketing squad.

4. Khurram Khan

Khurram Khan played in the UAE cricketing team’s six-wicket victory against Afghanistan in 2014 in Dubai, making history as among the eldest players to score a One-day international hundred. The UAE United Arab Emirates’ top cricketer is regarded as Khurram Khan.

3. Rameez Shahzad 

A right-hand batsman and off-spin bowler Rameez Shahzad is a member of the UAE United Arab Emirates team. Rameez Shahzad participated in 3 first-class cricket games for the UAE team. Rameez Shahzad played versus Scotland during his debut One Day International ODI appearance during the 2015–17 ICC Cricket World League tournament.

2. Mohammad Usman

Mohammad Usman was chosen to play for the country’s cricketing team the UAE United Arab Emirates throughout the ICC Twenty20 World Cup  2019 Qualifier competition in UAE in September. Including  192 runs in 8 cricket games, Mohammad Usman was the United Arab Emirates  UAE’s top hard-hitting batter in the competition.

1. Shaiman Anwar 

Shaiman Anwar, who took birth on 15th March 1979, played cricket for the senior squad of the UAE United Arab Emirates in the past. Superb top-order right-hand batter Shaiman Anwar was. Shaiman Anwar played for Sialkot as well as Servis Industry in Pakistan’s domestic competitions before making his debut for the UAE United Arab Emirates senior team at the end of the year 2010.


 During the year 1990, the cricketing team from the United Arab Emirates joined the ICC as an associate participant. From 2000 to 2006, they achieved the ACC Cup 4 times in a row thanks to their outstanding efforts. UAE United Arab Emirates won the ICC Tournament in the year 1994 and participated in the Cricket World Cup in 1996. The UAE squad has also participated in a few Asia Cup competitions and has earned a spot in the World Cup 2015. UAE hasn’t had much success as a squad in the major competitions, but their 2 batters, Amjad Javed as well as Shaiman Anwar, became the 1st team players in the history of the World Cup to share a hundred combinations for the seventh wicket.

These are the best batsmen of United Arab Emirates U.A.E, all these 10 players have given their best to win the matches they played a vital role in the history of U.A.E cricketing history. Hope this guide will help you a lot to learn about U.A.E United Arab Emirates cricketers. 

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