XTech Telefone | Xtech mouse – A New Product From XTech Telefone

XTech Telefone is a new company from San Francisco which has come up with an innovative concept of cell phones which are a combination of the home phone and a PDA. This way of telecommunication has been designed keeping in view the growing needs of people for better communication. The best feature of this new product is that it can be used as both a cell phone and PDA at the same time.

The telefone has all the features of a PDA including the text, picture and call making facilities which come along with your mobile phone. The only difference is that it can be used as a cell phone and it comes with a unique username and password to enable people to use it as a cell phone. There are many other features present in this product which are completely user friendly. This cell phone can be used to make local, STD, ISD, ISDN, and 3G phone calls. It has a memory of about 15 GB which can be upgraded as per requirement. It also comes with an intuitive user interface and comes with various special features such as Google search, Yahoo search, Microsoft outlook, Bluetooth compatibility, high definition video support, voice mail, MMS and much more.

The cost of this product is around sixty five dollars and can be ordered directly from the internet. It is expected to be launched at the end of this year or in 2021. Some of the features it comes with include Wifi, WEP, MMS, Bluetooth compatibility, USB connection, voice mail and many more. It can be said that Xtech Telefone has successfully created a cell phone which is a combination of a PDA as well as a cell phone and is available for a very affordable price.