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9xMaza is an online portal which offers a multitude of favorite Hindi Movies and international TV Shows for free. The most popular movies can be found on the home page. When you visit a particular movie, the embedded code will load on your browser and play the film. The player will then continue to play the film until it stops. If you wish, you can continue to watch the film as many times as you want.

With 9xMaza, you can listen to bollywood mp3 songs download from various Indian and international artists. Popularly known as karaoke or rapping songs, these songs have been instrumentalized by hip hop artists in conveying their messages and emotions. 9xMaza was one of the earliest websites offering free downloading of music from artists in India and abroad. Today, you can enjoy watching your favorite Hindi movie or actor in English using the English album download option at 9xmaza.

Various genres of movies and singers are available for your perusal at this portal. Popular bollywood songs can be downloaded from the likes of Dibak Sanita, Anjali, Kismet Konnection, Hrithik Roshan, Neelu’s Honeymoon, Shappoorji’s Super Princess, Rajkumar Kohli’s Humko Deewana Yameezi, Mumbai Metro, etc. To cater to the international market, various other genres like rock, hip hop, classical, comedy, and action are also available at this site. With such wide variety, you are sure to find the perfect bollywood mp3 songs pk english download that suits your taste and genre of entertainment.

At 9xmaza, it is never easy to get stuck with the latest releases or the most popular artists. There are other well-known websites, which offer the same bollywood songs and other popular genre but at half the price. At 9xmaza, you will get to choose from the likes of Marathi artists, Telugu artists, Tamil artists and many more.

A number of quality music downloads and services can be availed here. The download options are categorised as per genre, price range and location. So, if you want to listen to hip hop, rock, or any other genre then you can just choose the appropriate option to download songs and videos. If you are looking for some excellent Telugu hip hop downloads or any other bollywood songs then you can choose the appropriate option to download songs and videos.

Another great feature of 9xmaza that sets it apart from other download sites is the cover image option in its website. You can use the cover images to personalise your site. You can also upload your own songs for others to download at a nominal price. And the best thing is that if you need the songs instantly, you can select the convenient way to download songs – the online songs download option. At 9xmaza, you get to download songs and videos within minutes!