Tips for select on Thomo Cambodia cockfighting at Jun88

Thomo Cambodia cockfighting is a vibrant and exciting entertainment experience that attracts the attention of many thrill lovers. Not only is it a place to relax and enjoy moments of entertainment, but it is also an opportunity to seek luck and profit. In fact, Thomo Cambodia cockfighting has become an indispensable part of the select world, appearing at many reputable game portals and websites. Come to jun 88 To learn about the experience of playing Thomo Cambodia cockfighting through the following article.

Introducing the dramatic Thomo Cambodia cockfighting game

Thomo Cambodia cockfighting at Jun88 is not only a popular select game, but also a unique entertainment experience held at many reputable game portals and select sites. Different from regular cockfights, Thomo Cambodian cockfights bring interesting and exciting moments to the audience. What is worth noting is the history and origin of this game, an indispensable part of today’s select world.

How to determine winning and losing in Thomo cockfighting

In Thomo Cambodia cockfighting tournaments at Jun88, there are specific criteria to determine winners and losers as follows:

The cock is no longer able to fight

If a cock is knocked down within a few minutes and cannot continue fighting, that cock along with the handler will also be considered losers of the bet.

Do not compete in one round

If within 15 minutes, the cocks stand still and cannot see any action such as kicking, jumping, or biting their opponent, they will be considered a loser. Even if the cocks do not compete even though they have entered the fight, they will still be considered losers.

Don’t run away

If during the fight, the fighting cocks run away or are killed, they will also be considered losers. The match is considered a draw if one cock handicaps within 2 pools (about 5 minutes each) or if both stand still and do not fight within 9 pools of 5 minutes. Although this situation rarely happens, it is a way to ensure fairness in Thomo Cambodia cockfights at Jun88, where every cock is trained to a professional and dedicated level.

Secrets to winning online cockfighting from experts

Here are some experiences shared by veteran cockfighters when playing Thomo Cambodia cockfighting at Jun88:

Judging by chicken appearance

A good fighting cock is often clearly shown through its appearance. Look at their appearance and shape. Good fighting cocks often appear strong, majestic, and elite. Bright, sharp eyes. Firm, strong body. With just a quick look, you will easily spot a remarkable fighting cock.

Health check

To check the health of fighting chickens, you can observe three main parts: their mouth, wings and legs. Specifically:

  • Mouth: No scales, not greasy, no bad smell. These signs usually indicate a healthy fighting cock.
  • Wings: Lift the chicken up high with your hands and drop it down. If chickens flap their wings more than other chickens, and spend more time lying on the ground, they are in good health.
  • Legs: This is the most important weapon of a fighting cock. You can check by lifting the chicken high and letting it drop freely. If your chicken’s head is forward, its legs are bowed, or its wings are spread out, it doesn’t have good leg strength.

However, when watching cockfighting online, it is difficult to perform these checks. So you can only rely on appearance. During the fighting process, you can observe the chicken’s fighting style and aggressive personality. From there, you can bet securely, increasing your chances of winning at Jun88.

Choose a reputable game portal when participating in online cockfighting

In addition to mastering the skill of recognizing good fighting cocks, choosing a reputable game portal at Jun88 is the most important factor.

The game portal is not trustworthy, has the potential to cheat, or not pay out properly, or even lose your money. That is why, you need to choose a reputable and trustworthy game portal to participate in select.

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Important notes for players new to the game of cockfighting

Here are some more detailed tips for those new to Thomo Cambodia cockfighting at Jun88:

Understand the rules of cock select

Before starting, learn carefully about the rules of Thomo Cambodia cockfighting game at Jun88. Understanding how the match takes place, the techniques used, and scoring will help you feel more confident during your participation.

Master information about fighting cocks

Learn how to recognize good fighting cocks by observing physical indicators such as appearance, body and health. This helps you predict the chicken’s ability to win and make the right select decision.

Control your bet level

Set a fixed budget for cockfighting participation and stick to it strictly. Never exceed your set budget, and always remember that select must be based on your financial capabilities.

Be cautious and alert

When participating in cockfighting at Jun88, always stay alert and cautious. Never bet under pressure from others or for temporary excitement, evaluate all your decisions carefully and thoughtfully.


Hopefully through the above article, players will have detailed experience playing Thomo Cambodia cockfighting at Jun88 and bring high profits for themselves. Let’s join game portal Jun88 Explore and experience more exciting features when playing cockfighting!